I'm Devin Keane, and I created Orphica in 2015 in Austin, TX.  I originally did the shows solo using looping, a mixer, and a keytar.  Later, I also performed the act on and off as a small band.


Orphica is mostly instrumental, organic electronic music with an indie rock edge that places an emphasis on composition and structure.  It features guitar and synth, seasoned with some chunky 8 bit sounds and other electronic effects.

Today, I'm finishing up a second degree in biochemistry, so I've had to put Orphica on hold for about a year.  Now that I've finally recently had the time, I redesigned the Orphica concept for the future.  I also remastered a few old tracks and created several more to release a new album set for June 15, 2020.


As for playing live, I won't be doing live shows for a while because of the pandemic, but I plan to do them again in the future, which I'm sure will be as fun as it always was.

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