Orphica was created in 2015 in Austin, TX by Devin Keane, a biotechnology student at Austin Community College.  Originally, live shows featured Keane as a solo artist using looping, a mixer, and a keytar.  Later, the act was performed as a duo and a small band before Keane briefly performed solo again in 2017.


Originally inspired by chiptune music, Orphica is a hybrid of post-rock and electronic music, placing an emphasis on catchy composition and structure.  It features guitar and synth seasoned with some chunky 8-bit sounds and other electronic effects.

Orphica went on hiatus while Keane became busier completing a degree in biochemistry at Clemson University.  In 2020, Keane resumed work on Orphica by remastering three of the published albums (Orphica I, II, and II) and republishing the work as a new album with additional tracks that were written during the coronavirus pandemic.

Orphica plans to resume live performances when the pandemic comes under better control.  Keane also plans to reform Orphica into an electronic rock group at some point after the outbreak when collaboration with other artists will become more feasible.